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On July 29th, by the way, we were pleased to host a special free preview screening of the new film TEL AVIV ON FIRE. Missed it? We invite you to see it in theatres now. This provocative comedy plays at the Laemmle Royal in West L.A.; the Laemmle Town Center in Encino; and the Laemmle Playhouse in Pasadena. Don't miss it!

Sameh Zoabi (r) with Waleed Zuaiter 
at the preview screening
sameh zoabi (r) and waleed zuaiter
Excerpts from filmgoer comments on Tel Aviv on Fire [no spoilers]

>>> My friend and I were absolutely blown away by how fantastic the film was! I was amazed by how brilliantly Sameh Zoabi managed to weave humor into an otherwise grim situation, without once taking away from the realities of what it means to be Arab Palestinian in Israel. —Prema Rahman

>>> The first time I saw Sameh Zoabi's new feature, I smiled a lot, but I couldn't help but wonder what it must feel like these days to be an Arab Palestinian (whether Muslim or Christian) and at the same time a citizen of Israel, particularly following the post-2014 Gaza War and the rightward political drift that has hardened many hearts. The film made me long for the two-state solution that we once thought possible. —Jordan Elgrably

>>> I loved the movie. Its intelligent humor helps soften the historical and present tensions in the area and  offers a new perspective of the relationship between Arabs and Israelis.  The audience loved the movie too. The Q and A was very interesting and the director explained very well how it feels and felt to be an Arab and at the same time a citizen of Israel. —María Castro

>>> As a young Palestinian American, I really enjoyed the film and getting to see the history from a different perspective. It made me think of all my family living back home and the checkpoints they all have to cross. I laughed a lot. I left feeling like I wanted more. —Dina Makhlouf

>>> Beside being a good film, well-made, well acted and funny, [for me] as a Palestinian, the reality of the situation, the status of the Palestinians or better said, the diminishing of such, the control of the Israelis over them, the daily abuse was awakened in a painful natural manner. Even though I have gotten away physically, the scars of such history and existence are not healed, and might never heal as long as one has a conscience and justice is not implemented. —Monir Deeb

>>> I thought it was funny and incisive, a nice political satire with a lot of irony very well done. As an Israeli Jew I felt that we lost the ability that we once had as people who saw the irony and the funny side in any situation. In a kind of ironic switch we've gone from being David to Goliath. The people who've taken the mantle now are the Palestinians; they who are being oppressed are actually poking fun at us these days. —Uri Talil

  • August 31, 2019 at 6pm – 9pm
  • $10.00 USD

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