Mira Awad Live with Bedouin X

Mira Awad with Bedouin X at the Pico Union Project 

Mira Awad is a Palestinian citizen of Israel and an internationally renowned vocalist who finds herself caught in the middle “of a very complicated situation.” As an Arab woman she’s a minority within the Jewish state, but Awad hopes that her next appearance in Los Angeles will put politics aside in favor of the music when she performs at the Pico Union Project, with a show opened by local favorite Bedouin X, cosponsored by The Markaz. Listen to Mira Awad's music.

"Each side wants me to align myself with them," she told the Guardian newspaper. "Israelis would like me to show alliance with the Israeli state, to prove my loyalty. On the other side, I have to prove my loyalty to the Palestinians who ask if I have forgotten my father was kicked out of his village in 1948…I'm tired of being cornered all the time, of having to explain myself. Most of the time I'm making both sides unhappy because I don't do what they want. But I don't live in a black-and-white world. This place is very complicated."  

Live at the Pico Union Project, Sat., Nov. 5, 8 pm, 1153 Valencia Street, Los Angeles CA 90015 (just west of downtown L.A. and just north of Pico Blvd near Union). Lot parking and street parking. Tickets $18 general admission/$12 students. Purchase online here.

Watch Mira Awad's TedX talk.


More About Mira Awad

[excerpted from her web site] Mira Awad is a singer/songwriter and actress. Born to a Palestinian father-Anwar, and Bulgarian mother-Snejanka, in Rameh, a Palestinian village in the Galilee, in the north of Israel, she started singing from an early age. (Her mother swears she was singing before she could talk.) Mira’s first stage performance was at the age of 9, on June 1st 1984, International Child's Day, and she sang a song about peace called “Give us a chance.” At the age of 13 she started writing her own songs, then at 17 she sang with the rock band “Samana.” While performing with the band, in her compositions, Mira dealt with the issues of women's rights and personal freedom.

At 18, Mira moved to Haifa to attend Haifa university, where she studied Fine Arts and English Literature, but after just two years she decided to quit and move to Tel-Aviv in order to study music at the Rimon School for Jazz and Contemporary Music (1996-2000). Throughout her career, Mira developed a unique fusion of sounds, combining the East with the West, weaving the Arabic language and it's oriental ornaments with Western harmonies, thus creating world music that combines many styles and sounds.

She has collaborated with a wide range of world-famous musicians: Noa (Achinoam Nini), Idan Raichel, David Broza, Joca Perpignan, George Dalaras, La oreja de Van Gogh, Andrea Bocelli, Tim Ries, (sax player for the Rolling Stones), Orphaned Land and Bobby McFerrin. Mira competed in the 2009 Eurovision song contest alongside Noa (Achinoam Nini) with the song “There must be another way” from their duet album of the same title, released by Universal Music. Later Mira and Noa won the New Israel Fund’s Human Rights for Arts and Culture Award. Her albums include “Bahlawan-Acrobat” (2009), “All My Faces” (2011).

In December 2012 she left Sony and established LabelFree, an indie world music label and production company through which she released “Write Down” (2014), a soundtrack she composed for the documentary about the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish. Mira teaches stage performance for singers and for public talkers, she also gives inspiring talks about her complex identity. Mira believes in anti-violence activity to build bridges towards resolutions. She supports various humanitarian and social projects and is an outspoken advocate for peace and solidarity.

Bedouin X 

Bedouin X at The MarkazBedouin X is the result of Alfred Madain's many years of musicianship and study of Arab and Islamic music throughout the greater Middle East and Africa. A Jordanian-born Angeleno, Madain is an ethnomusicologist and musician who is credited with co-creating The Los Angeles Near East Arabic Classical Music Ensemble which became Kan Zaman, The Upper Egyptian music and dance ensemble and Radio-Al-Fareed. Along with David Markowitz, former director of the Aman Dance Co. and musician extraordinaire, he came to create Bedouin X, an original group that brings a form of music to North America that had never been heard before on the continent. Bedouin X is a concept group created to revive and bring the socially and politically conscientious music that sprang out in the African parts of the Arab World and present the music along with original work to western audiences. It features Madain on vocals and percussion and Markowitz on saz and guitars, joined by Egyptian-American percussionist extraordinaire Ava Nahas on world percussion, Italian-Japanese percussionist David Martinelli from the UCLA school of ethnomusicology on Moroccan percussion, reggae, jazz and electronica bassist Mike Gadsby on fretless bass. and Egyptian-American singer Nehal Shahin on backup vocals. The group is also joined on occasion by Lebanese violinist Timothy Malouf, Sengalese kora player Amadou Fall, Palestinian oud player Clarissa Bitar, Karl Forander on Indian tablas, David Cipriani on Indian slide guitar and electric guitars, Ziyad Marcus on oud, Moroccan accordion player and composer Simo Chilal, and Syrian hip hop artist Omar Offendum. The Bedouin X repertoire draws from Afro-Arab trance, inducing and spiritual music of North Africa and that spans from Morocco and Senegal to Nubia and Ethiopia to create highly danceable music that is known to induce a state of trance and is oriented for performance in clubs, concert venues and festivals. During the last three and a half years the group has gathered quite a following of local music lovers and has performed at Occidental college, Levantine Center/The Markaz, The Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Primavera Festival and regularly at the Pico Union Project and the Del-Monte Speakeasy. 

  • November 05, 2016 at 8pm – 11pm
  • Pico-Union Project, 1153 Valencia Street, Los Angeles CA 90015
  • 3 people are going
  • Jordan Elgrably


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