Egypt's Dina El Wedidi Plays L.A., with Bedouin X

dine el wedidi plays l.a.

The Markaz's music director, Alfred Madain, has specially selected Egyptian singer-composer Dina El Wedidi with her Egyptian folk/Arab fusion for a unique Los Angeles performance. The concert takes place at the classic L.A. flamenco nightclub, El Cid, in Silverlake, on Tuesday, June 14th and opens with a short set by one of our favorite local bands, Bedouin X. Who says you can't have a great time on a Tuesday night in El Lay? Best of all, the cover on this concert is only $15 when you reserve in advance ($20 at the door). Doors open 8 pm, Bedouin X at 8:30 pm, Dina El Wedidi at 9:30 pm.

Reserve in advance by purchasing tickets online below. Also available at the door, El Cid, 4212 Sunset Blvd, LA 90029 (just east of Fountain Ave., parking available).

This concert is sponsored in part by Spirit Quest Tours, leading a group on a tour of mystical Morocco, Oct. 17-27 2016, and in particular to the Sufi Festival of Fez.

About Dina El Wedidi

dina el-wedidi portraitWith her powerful, nuanced voice and authentic style, Dina El Wedidi has spent the past six years carving out her place on the Egyptian music scene. While studying oriental languages at the University of Cairo, Dina joined El Warsha Theatre Troupe, exploring Egyptian folklore and performing in such unlikely places as a Cairo prison, and later she performed classical Egyptian and Arabic songs with the Habayebna band. These experiences pushed Dina to sing in many styles, and were the impetus for her to begin composing her own songs. In 2011, she took the fundamental next step and formed her own band; from here her success has soared. In 2011 she became one of the first members of the Nile Project, a cultural and environmental ethnomusicology adventure on which she spent three years, collaborating with musicians from all of the Nile countries, touring through East Africa and the United States, and making 2 albums (AswanJinja). In 2012, Dina became a Rolex Program award winner, which placed her under the tutelage of legendary Brazilian songwriter Gilberto Gil. In 2013, they performed together at the Cairo Jazz Festival, and he advised her on her debut album, guest performing on the song “El Leil.” This album, Turning Back (Tedawar W’Tergaa) was released in 2014. Dina’s achievements are many: she performed at TEDGlobal in Scotland, participated in workshops with Grammy award winner Fathy Salama, Kamilya Jubran, and has worked with the Mazaher Ensemble in Cairo. She has performed throughout Egypt, and in Jordan, Tunisia, Sudan, England, Italy, Norway and Sweden. 

Bedouin X 

bedouin-at-markaz2.jpgBedouin X is the result of Alfred Madain's many years of musicianship and study of Arab and Islamic music throughout the greater Middle East and Africa. A Jordanian-born Angeleno, Madain is an ethnomusicologist and musician who is credited with co-creating The Los Angeles Near East Arabic Classical Music Ensemble which became Kan Zaman, The Upper Egyptian music and dance ensemble and Radio-Al-Fareed. Along with David Markowitz, former director of the Aman Dance Co. and musician extraordinaire, he came to create Bedouin X, an original group that brings a form of music to North America that had never been heard before on the continent. Bedouin X is a concept group created to revive and bring the socially and politically conscientious music that sprang out in the African parts of the Arab World and present the music along with original work to western audiences. It features Madain on vocals and percussion and Markowitz on saz and guitars, joined by Egyptian-American percussionist extraordinaire Ava Nahas on world percussion, Italian-Japanese percussionist David Martinelli from the UCLA school of ethnomusicology on Moroccan percussion, reggae, jazz and electronica bassist Mike Gadsby on fretless bass. and Egyptian-American singer Nehal Shahin on backup vocals. The group is also joined on occasion by Lebanese violinist Timothy Malouf, Sengalese kora player Amadou Fall, Palestinian oud player Clarissa Bitar, Karl Forander on Indian tablas, David Cipriani on Indian slide guitar and electric guitars, Ziyad Marcus on oud, Moroccan accordion player and composer Simo Chilal, and Syrian hip hop artist Omar Offendum. The Bedouin X repertoire draws from Afro-Arab trance, inducing and spiritual music of North Africa and that spans from Morocco and Senegal to Nubia and Ethiopia to create highly danceable music that is known to induce a state of trance and is oriented for performance in clubs, concert venues and festivals. During the last three and a half years the group has gathered quite a following of local music lovers and has performed at Occidental college, Levantine Center/The Markaz, The Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Primavera Festival and regularly at the Pico Union Project and the Del-Monte Speakeasy. 

  • June 14, 2016 at 8pm – 11pm
  • El Cid, 4212 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90029
  • $15.00 USD
  • 57 people are going
  • Jordan Elgrably



Will you come?

$15.00 Dina El Wedid & Bedouin X at El Cid ($20 at the door)

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  • Eric Trules
    commented 2016-06-09 12:40:21 -0700
    Damn, will be out of town. Please let me know if dina or Bedouin X will be in LA another time: