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  • "Nuts, Once Upon a Time in the Middle East"

    • Sunday, October 29, 2017 at 08:30 PM
    • Harmony Gold Theatre, 7655 Sunset Blvd., LA 90046


    The Markaz co-hosts the Arab Film Festival's closing feature film, "NUT$" by director Henri Bargès, on Sunday, Oct. 29, 8:30 pm at the Harmony Gold Theatre in Hollywood. Tickets are $20 for two. Buy tickets here.

    With a glaringly self aware, idiosyncratic dark comedy vibe reminiscent of the likes of Tarantino or Soderbergh (after a few espresso shots), NUT$ is a non-stop, high stakes high octane ride that pops with the action-packed, sexy intrigue of OCEAN’S 11. Arguably the penultimate emblem of filmmaker Henri Bargès penchant for over-the-top, soulful spectacle to date – who has directed everything from Cannes/Sundance selects to Toyota, Samsung, and Pepsi commercials – NUT$ generates an eclectic tonality that’s exhilarating inasmuch as it is concerned with questions of gender, identity, and self-empowerment, conveyed by poker genius Lana’s (Darine Hamze) efforts to navigate the pressures of a male-dominated (under)world filled with controlling, lurking men and grander societal expectations to be a “normal” housewife. Teeming with femme fatales, mobsters, and a twinge of BDSM fun: Bargès’ latest is sure to please… just don’t forget your seatbelt.

    Director's Bio

    Henri Bargès directed several short films by the time he was 19 and was chosen to shoot his first commercial in France at the age of 25. In the late 1980s, he won several awards including a Golden Lion at Cannes. He also shot HALF SPIRIT, THE VOICE OF THE SPIDER (1995), an underground hit and winner of several European and American awards.